Version 2.4.0 Released of Auto Bulb Finder Plugin for WordPress

In this update, the Store Only feature is brought to the Auto Bulb Finder Plugin. The Store Only feature is for the data source of the Year/Make/Model Search selector.

Data Source

Store Only – The year, make, model, submodel, bodytype, and qualifier information are loaded from the Store Database. You can add the custom vehicle or import the vehicles by CSV file.

Store & Online Database – In this mode, the Auto Bulb Plugin will fetch the latest vehicle information from Auto Bulb Finder Online Database, which includes over 50000 vehicles. Notice: This is the paid feature. The license code is for 1 year period since connected to the store.

Learn how to import the vehicles to Auto Bulb Finder Plugin.

New Journey

We’ve uploaded the Auto Bulb Finder Plugin for WP & WC to the repository of the website. There’ll be another 7 days waiting for the manual review.

Thanks to the contributors of the WordPress Community. Once Auto Bulb Finder Plugin is released on WordPress, it will be super easy for you to get the update.

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