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WordPress Plugins

Auto Bulb Finder Plugin

Provide over 50000 vehicles bulb size information by Year, Make, Model selector, and bundle product to the bulb size model.

Add PayPal Tracking

Synchronize the tracking number and carrier information to PayPal when clicking the Order Sending button in Dianxiaomi ERP.

Bulk Order for LEGO

Bulk order LEGO bricks after uploading the LDR studio file or CSV, XLS, or XLSX table file and buy with bricks.

Attributes Separator

The attributes of the product can be divided into different tables and new Categories of the attributes.

OpenAI Tools

AI Reviews and Comments generator for products and posts.

Plugin Development Request 

Website Design

RFID Online Store

RFID devices and magic cards for hacking and learning.

  • WooCommerce
  • Linked with App
  • Merchant Center
Boslla – LED Light Bulb

The world’s first 4 colors LED Headlight Bulb creator.

  • WooCommerce
  • Shop by vehicles
  • Select by Year, Make, Model
LEGO Brick Store

Batch order by converting LDR and XLSX files to LEGO brick products.

  • WooCommerce
  • Multi-Color Attributes
  • Bulk Upload Order Plugins

WooCommerce iOS App introduction page.

  • WordPress build
  • 3D hover animation
  • Infinite slider of App intro

PN532 emulator and it comes with faster emulation and higher processing speed.

  • WooCommerce
  • Quick Checkout
  • Original 2024 theme

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Mobile Apps

MTools – Mifare Manager

Mifare Classic 1K Tag Charger which works with inner NFC and external RFID Readers such as PN532, and ACR122U.

WooCat – For Multi-Store

Based on WooCommerce REST API to get sales reports and order notifications from multi-WooCommerce stores.

Auto Bulb Finder

Quick check the bulb size of vehicles by Year, Make, and Model.