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MTools | RFID Manager


Mifare Expert

We did most of the hard thing for you to easily manage card. Additionally, we added powerful functions for you to create custom algorithm to save data safely.


RFID Device

By utilizing principles of libnfc and apdu communication, we were able to design new RFID devices. Additionally, we made compatible supports on old RFID devices.


All Platforms

We have provided opensource library as well as specific code example on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. We are also always open to feedback and questions.

All imple and difficalc algorithms,such as XOR, DSC, CRC-8, CRC1-6, can be done by one click on MClac. Additionally, MTools and Mkeys support calculating algorithms automatically with custom expression loaded.

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We're available on Email, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Page and Telegram Group.

A better way to play with RFID.